Restore through Restorative Justice

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In April 2015 the ABC reported that aboriginal youth are 5 times more likely to die from intentional self harm and in Western Australia are 53 times more likely to be jailed than non indigenous youth.  The prevalence of drug and alcohol abuse and suicide are symptoms of a deep issue.  One of hopeless and worthlessness.  This is a generational and complex issue which will take a multi pronged approach to reduce this inequity.

However with Banksia Hill Detention Centre, the state detention centre for young people aged under 18 years of age being located 5 minutes from Carey in Harrisdale there are significant ways that we can help provide meaning, purpose and hope to approximately 140 boys and 10 girls, 80% of who are aboriginal.


Current Project

Banksia Hill Detention Centre A.M.P. (Athletics Mentoring Program)

A team of athlete/coaches from Canning Districts Athletics Club run weekly afternoon mentoring.athletics clinics for the detainees in Banksia Hill Detention Centre.  

Apart from providing physical activity and learning new skills we aim to provide self belief, purpose and self esteem as they achieve success in mastering new skills.

It is hoped that upon release they can connect with a local athletics community near their home to provide support and activities to help them rebuild their lives.


Banksia Hill Detention Centre 5min from Carey.

Banksia Hill Detention Centre 5min from Carey.