USA Trip for Rural and Remote Youth Application Form 

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Dear Student and Parent

Thank you for your expression in interest in becoming involved in the USA Athletics camp through Right Track Foundation.  Please find attached information about the proposed Athletics camps, opportunities, expectations and costs to help you make well informed decisions.  Once you have read and understood the information below and would like to apply for the trip, please fill out the application form and return to by Tuesday 6th of November 2015.


We are able to take two aboriginal and two non aboriginal youth (14-18 years of age) from rural and remote communities.


Applications will be assessed according to the following criteria:

1.     School – Applicants must have a high level of school attendance, be hard working and have a positive attitude towards their studies and have a good working relationship with their teachers and maintain solid grades.

2.     Athletics – Have a passion for reaching their athletic potential.  Have a teachable spirit that seeks to learn and share knowledge from and with others.  Commit them selves to regular track and field training and compete regularly.  Applicants must demonstrate their plan for continual athletic improvement.

3.     Servant Leadership – Applicants must demonstrate how they give back to their community and how attending the USA track and field trip will equip them to serve more.

Please attach a copy of your two last school reports.

You are also asked to get your school principal to comment on your suitability for the program and to confirm your school attendance.



  1. USA Track and Field Summer Camp.  During the July school holidays in 2016 we will fly to the USA to participate in the Track and Field Summer Camp and enjoy the sights and sounds of the USA.

Participants will take part in the Track and Field Summer Camp held at one of the American Universities for school students.  The camps are coached by the university coaches and the counselors are the student athletes from the university.  Participants will stay in university accommodation and eat at the student cafeteria.

  1. Lead at Geraldton Track and Field Camps.  After having been a participant in 2017 and attended a Summer Camp in the USA it is time for the student to step up and take responsibility and work along side the Canning and other coaches to run a track and field camp for the local remote and indigenous youth during the April and October School Holidays.
  2. Mentored by Right Track coaches and compete for Canning Districts at Friday night competitions in Perth where appropriate.


  1. Training – attend regularly, two training sessions a week to become a better athlete and also to understand how the squad works and operates with warm ups and drills and develop working relationships with coaches and senior athletes.
  2. Attend at least 1 pre USA, Geraldton camp as a camper to understand what the camp is about and how it runs as well as learn technique and training methods from the coaches.
  3. Attend at least 1 post USA, Geraldton camp as a leader/coach to serve the local communities through track and field.
  4. School Track and Field and Cross Country representation.  Represent your school at Intra School, Inter School and All Schools competitions.
  5. Complete regularly (minimum, 6 competitions a year.  For example school and interschool carnivals, community events, All schools and State championships, Little Athletic and Senior competitions).   Look on for more details.


  1. Financial – The total financial cost of all Camps is $3 800.  This includes flights, accommodation, transfers, insurances, entertainment and most meals during the USA trip as well as most of the Geraldton camp cost.  Students will need to have about $150 for food during transfers and while sight seeing and for the ESTA (USA VISA about $40).  If you don’t have an Australian Passport this may cost more, plus spending money. 

The financial cost of all the trips is much higher (about $4 500) than what the student is asked to pay.  The cost is subsidized by generous sponsorship and fundraising.  If our major sponsor withdraws the costing’s may change.  If you know of individuals or organizations that would like to partner with us, please let me know so we can inform them of how they can be involved.


2.  Time and commitment – As you can see there is a significant time and energy commitment and therefore students will need to take this into consideration when choosing their school electives and extra curricular commitments as well as out of school commitments.


If after reading through the information attached you have further questions please e-mail me at  If both the student and parents understand the expectations and cost and would like to apply, please fill out the following sheet and return it to Mr Watson by Tuesday the 3th of November 2015. 

The Right Track Foundation will meet and select the most suitable applicants and all applicants will be notified within two weeks of the outcome.  Successful applicants will then be given a payment schedule and more information.  Unsuccessful applicants may be asked to reapply for the 2018 USA athletics trip or given feedback on their application.

Thank you for your support.

Mr Graeme Watson

Application Form